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We offer a full range of disposal bin sizes for all projects small and large. They have double doors to enter more easily and wheels so as to prevent damage to your property. We charge just 2 clear costs: your bin rental price, which  depends on the size of your bin, and your dumping fee: a flat fee of $95 per ton, or $300 per ton of clean fill (i.e., soil, dirt, concrete, asphalt, sod). We rent bins for a period of up to 7 days, but if you need longer, no problem. Simply contact us, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Simplify disposal and get a bin delivered directly to you in just 24 hours.

Whether you’re working on landscaping or yard work, a home project, commercial renovation, professional construction, or landscaping and yard work, a disposal bin rental from Binworks is an affordable solution to clean up and waste management. At Binworks, our disposal bin rentals can handle everything from mixed waste to clean fill (concrete, bricks, dirt, sod etc). There are no hidden fees when you rent with Binworks. Delivery, pick up, and dumping are all included. 

Need a Bin Fast? 

Binworks will provides you a speedy bin rental in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and the rest of the GTA directly to you in 24 hours or less! As long as we have the bin you need in stock we can deliver it right to your door by the next day.

Benefits of A Disposal Bin

Mess-Free: A disposal bin rental allows you to get rid of junk and unwanted waste quickly and easily. When you pick something up that needs to be dumped, you can toss it directly into an on-site bin without having to think about it twice. 

Waste Management : Disposal bins can be used for clean fill or mixed waste. If you use a disposal bin, you can sort clean fill from mixed waste and separate hazardous materials easily as you go. This helps to keep your work organized and eliminate tedious sorting at the end of the project. 

Efficiency: Waste centralized in an on-site disposal bin eliminates unnecessary trips back and forth to landfills and disposal sites that could take valuable time away from completing the job. Larger bins allow waste to be consolidated and dumped in fewer trips. 

On-Demand Disposal: Eliminate junk on-demand with a bin rental. Without a bin rental, waste can accumulate on-site over the duration of your project. A bin rental allows you to quickly dispose of junk or unwanted materials without waiting for weekly municipal waste collection. In many municipalities across the GTA, non-organic waste is collected only twice a month. Don’t wait with a Bin Rental from Binworks. 

Eco-Friendly: Using disposal bins, degradable and non-degradable materials are sorted adequately and disposed of correctly by Binworks. Waste is sent to the appropriate disposal and sorting facilities, rather than being mixed with everyday trash and rubbish. This promotes proper recycling and prevents unnecessary waste in landfills where disposed of materials will not be repurposed. 


Why Choose Binworks? 

We are proud to provide GTA bin rental services in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York, Aurora, King. When you choose Binworks you can order your bin just 24 hours before you notice and get it delivered on site in less than a day. And rental our easy-to-manage 7 day rental period is affordable and can be extended to suit your timeline, hassle-free. You can feel free to shop around, because Binworks is confident in our affordable rates and high quality service. If you find a better rate for your disposal bin rental, we will happily match it or beat it. You also don't have to stess about returning or dumping your bin, you can keep your attention on your project and we will handle delivery and dumping for you. 

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Bin Rental Packages

5 Yard
  1. 1st ton mixed waste included
  2. 3 pick up truck load
  3. 10 ft long
  4. 5 ft wide
  5. 2.5 ft heigh
8 Yard
  1. 1st ton mixed waste included
  2. 6 pick up truck load
  3. 11 ft long
  4. 5 ft wide
  5. 3.5 ft heigh
10 Yard
  1. 1.5 tons mixed waste included
  2. 9 pick up truck load
  3. 10 ft long
  4. 6 ft wide
  5. 4 ft heigh
14 Yard
  1. 2 tons mixed waste included
  2. 12 pick up truck load
  3. 11 ft long
  4. 7 ft wide
  5. 5 ft heigh
20 Yard
  1. 3 tons mixed waste included
  2. 15 pick up truck load
  3. 13 ft long
  4. 8 ft wide
  5. 6 ft heigh
30 Yard
  1. 4 tons mixed waste included
  2. 20 pick up truck load
  3. 15 ft long
  4. 8 ft wide
  5. 7 ft heigh

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