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Bin Rental VaughanAt our BinWorks bin rental company in Vaughan, we value what our customers think of us, because we value our chosen field: helping clean up messes. Our disposal bins range from 5 to 20 cubic yards in size, and have rollers so as not to damage your property. Our operations are reliable, efficient, and affordable.

We charge just 2 prices: your bin rental price, which varies depending on the size of your bin, and a flat dumping fee of $95 per ton, or $300 per ton of clean fill (i.e., soil, dirt, concrete, asphalt, sod). We even promise to either match or beat lower offers from other bin rental companies.

Bin Rental in Vaughan: Forget The Mess

Our trained, knowledgeable professionals know there is no reason for disposal not to be a safe, hazard-free process for all involved. We let you decide what is best for your situation, but are more than happy to help you figure out what might best suit your needs. Whether you require disposal bins to clean up the mess left over after a renovation on your house, a messy construction project, or a demolition, BinWorks is proud to offer professional services that help you get the clean-up done in record time. Get it done right with BinWorks bin rental for Vaughan and the GTA.

Expert Vaughan Bin Rental

The staff at our Vaughan bin rental service is well trained, ensuring the best customer experience possible—always our first priority. When you are ready for a bin drop-off, simply call us and we will deliver your bin without delay so you can get started. Once your bin is full, let us know and we will do a pickup and efficiently dispose of your bin’s contents. Our pro team will take on any project, no matter how big, small, or messy. Not sure how to best begin your clean-up process? Contact our friendly team today and we would be happy to help you get started.



Bin Rental Vaughan

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Disposal Bin Rental Vaughan

Bin Rental Packages

5 Yard
  1. 1st ton mixed waste included
  2. 3 pick up truck load
  3. 10 ft long
  4. 5 ft wide
  5. 2.5 ft heigh
8 Yard
  1. 1st ton mixed waste included
  2. 6 pick up truck load
  3. 11 ft long
  4. 5 ft wide
  5. 3.5 ft heigh
10 Yard
  1. 1.5 tons mixed waste included
  2. 9 pick up truck load
  3. 10 ft long
  4. 6 ft wide
  5. 4 ft heigh
14 Yard
  1. 2 tons mixed waste included
  2. 12 pick up truck load
  3. 11 ft long
  4. 7 ft wide
  5. 5 ft heigh
20 Yard
  1. 3 tons mixed waste included
  2. 15 pick up truck load
  3. 13 ft long
  4. 8 ft wide
  5. 6 ft heigh
30 Yard
  1. 4 tons mixed waste included
  2. 20 pick up truck load
  3. 15 ft long
  4. 8 ft wide
  5. 7 ft heigh

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