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BinWorks - Bin Rental in GTA


1.1 All BinWorks Disposal Inc. (‘bins’) must be placed on the property for which its use is intended.

1.1.2 An application for Temporary Street Occupation Permit takes between 1-3 weeks and may be made via the City of Toronto at (Temporary Street Occupation Permit Toronto link, Mississauga, Vaughan )

1.2 Exceptions will be made for permits obtained to place the bin on the road.

1.2.1 Bins dropped on road with a permit are the customer’s responsibility for safety purposes and to ensure that contents are not mixed in.

1.2.2 Permits to place bin on road must be emailed to before the date the bin is dropped.

1.3 All bins MUST remain in the place that they are dropped.

Rental Period

2.1 Rental period is a 7 day maximum, beginning from the date of delivery.

2.1.2 After the Rental Period the bin will be charged an excess of $25.00 per day or $150 per week

2.1.3 Failure to pay the above price will result in pick up of the empty bin.

2.2 A courtesy call will be placed to the contact number on the 5th day of rental.  If there is no communication bin will automatically be picked up.


3.1 Overloaded bins will be charged an excess of $50 levelling fee. This is necessary according to the by law our tarp system must be engaged for safe transport, according to the Highway Traffic Act -regulation 363/04.

3.1.2 If the bin is unsafe to carry on the road it will also be leveled off before leaving the property.

3.2 Mixed loads will be charged an excess of $75.00.

3.2.1 Mixtures of clean fill, brick, concrete and asphalt with waste will negate flat rates and be charged at $250.00 for service and $95.00 per tonne.

3.3 Customer must have the driveway and/or pathway clear of snow and ice and have area well salted including around the bin. If Bin Pick up/or Drop off is not able to be completed due to snow or ice (or any other obstructions) issues the driver will need to return and a hook fee will apply.


4.1 A service fee of $75.00 will be charged on cancellations of bins via email with less than 24 hours notice.

4.2 A service fee of $150.00 will be charged at delivery if customer rejects the bin for any reason.


5.1 A copy of the invoice will be sent automatically via email. Invoices will be available by mail or fax at customers request.

5.2 A deposit will be taken on all waste bins with the amount varying by size and contents. In the case of an excess payment, customers will be refunded the amount along with receiving an invoice for the correct amount.


6.1 BinWorks Disposal Inc. reserves the right to empty any bins on site if they contain contaminants or hazardous waste.

6.2 BinWorks Disposal Inc. is in no way responsible for any damages to property incurred by bin or truck, during delivery or pickup.

6.3 BinWorks Disposal Inc. reserves the right to return any load rejected at a dump site.

6.4 BinWorks Disposal Inc. reserves the right to empty any bins on site if for any reason client refuses to pay for the services provided.

Fully Refundable Deposit

7.1 All bins ordered via the online ordering system at will be subject to a $200.00 fully refundable deposit if the following conditions are met

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